吉川 秀明
吉川 秀明
  • born in 1970/ living in Shiga/ at YAMANAMI since 1988
    At first glance, Hideaki Yoshikawa’s artworks, composed of countless dots, seem abstract. Look closely, however, and you notice that they are not ‘dots’, but in fact they are all small ‘faces’. Hideki Yoshikawa keeps his own creating style even when the material he uses changes. He makes it a rule to put ‘two eyes, a nose, and a mouth’ on each face, even when the faces are incredibly small. Whenever he is at work on his art, he puts his face to it as close as possible to it. And he creates every tiny face with extraordinary care, taking a long time for each. The faces he draws or creates in his artworks are so small and meticulous that people have to look closely at them if they want to grasp their features.