山際 正己
山際 正己
  • born in 1972/ living in shiga/ at YAMANAMI since 1990
    Masami Yamagiwa likes his daily tasks such as cooking, washing, cleaning and collecting waste paper for recycling, at a fixed time every day. For him creating artworks is one of them. When he joined YAMANAMI, he could make only some types of dishes and bowls that he had learned how to make at school. But thanks to his fellow artists around him and various experiences at YAMANAMI, the range of his creation has broadened. As he is a steady and earnest person, he makes a number of artworks of the same shape attentively. His most important work subject is called ‘Masami Jizo’. ( ‘Jizo’ is a small stone statue representing bodhisattva, wearing a red bib.) Masami Yamagiwa has been creating ‘Masami Jizos’ for more than 20 years, and the number of the statues he made now exceeds over several hundred thousand.