田中 睦美
田中 睦美
  • born in 1956/ living in Shiga/ at YAMANAMI since 2004
    Mutsumi Tanaka used to make embroideries. But one day, as she saw her best friends drawing and painting happily, she decided to start drawing, too. At first, she was unsure about what she was doing. But gradually and with the help of others, she gained confidence in her own ability. She draws mainly people on a big sheets of paper-as large as two tatami mats. Matsumi Tanaka finds her inspiration in magazines and picture books, where she picks the image she will use for her artworks. She uses color pencils to draw the outlines. After coloring with a pastel, she rubs the result with her finger and spreads it on the paper. Then she chooses another pastel to color over it, and she repeats the process. Her technique gives her work a warm and a special charm.