竹中 克佳
竹中 克佳
  • born in 1987/ living in Shiga/ atYAMANAMI since 2014
    Katsuyoshi Takenaka is capable of working on the several art works of his at a time. He is good at creating something with cardboard and Scotch tape. He is especially an expert in making robots, battle ships, and fighter planes. The structures of his works are elaborate. He goes into details and makes small parts, like doors or other various moving elements. He also likes to draw buildings such as castles and towers with markers. The way he draws thin lines which is crossing each other and gradually going up on the drawing paper is just as if he were actually building a huge structure in the real, three‐dimensional world. Katsuyoshi Takenaka has his own sense of perspective that make his drawing unique.