大原 菜穂子
大原 菜穂子
  • born in 1971/ living in Shiga/ at YAMANAMI since 1989
    Nahoko Ohara makes clay dolls. All she needs for her creations is some clay, disposable chopsticks, and some water. She rolls up some clay in her hands. She puts together only three pieces of clay-a ball, a round column, and a long string― to make a doll. After engraving a face on it, the doll is completed. It takes her only a minute to make a doll. Before you know it, more than 20 or 30 dolls are aligned before you. Although the expression of each one of her clay dolls is slightly different, all of them are smiling, and heart-warming. As of today, Nahoko Ohara has made more than ten thousand dolls. She seems to want to keep the same creative style.