熊田 史康
熊田 史康
  • born in 1992/ living in Shiga/ at YAMANAMI since 2011
    Fumiyasu Kumada has had a strong obsession with water since he was a child. Wherever he went, he had to make sure where the rest rooms were, and he go flush the toilet there. His obsession has gradually shifted from water to restrooms, and started drawing restrooms when he entered elementary school. Past ten year old, he started to make cardboard models of the restrooms. That is when his creative style established itself. Fumiyasu Kumada makes no compromises when it comes to the accuracy of the model- from the color of the walls, the place where the toilet is, to the materials he uses for ‘mirrors’ or ‘pipes’ -everything must be perfect. While working on his models, he often gets quite tense and irritable. He sometimes screams and even hurts himself when things go wrong. However once the model is completed, he regains his calm and looks satisfied with his accomplishment.