井村 ももか
井村 ももか
  • born in 1995/ living in Shiga/ at YAMANAMI since 2013
    Momoka Imura is an artist who is devoted to sewing buttons. As soon as she arrives at the Atelier in the morning, she chooses the cloth she likes, and sews all kinds of buttons all over it. After that, she rolls up the cloth and makes a ball with. And then she picks up another cloth that she covers with buttons as well, and wraps the first one with it. By repeating this process and after changing the color of the ‘ball’ several times, her masterpiece is finished. She is deeply attached to her artworks. She expresses her fondness for them by stroking them and gazing at them. And sometimes she puts one of the ‘ball’s on her head and walks around, singing cheerfully.